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hello dear i was wondering if you could help me by giving me the address or an email who could assist me ,or they may be able to refer me to someone who can. kind regards.
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to jenny2000
What state do you live in? Queen Anne?

Animal friendly housing
National Apartment Locators
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I going homeless been to dss,houseing people ect no money need to stay closer to queen Anne's country to care for my mom family on SSI don't want to be in that county need 3 br to bring my teens home I have my moms pets most all out side I have no friends idont want to take to court at all need home away from people on country settings no more then 609 I live in dump floors caving ,roof leak high ELECTIC in 800 due to underground pips busted got to be out April
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I want my soon home and daughter my mom and husband2 kids all have don't know how I move no truck mom has no room for US
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Can you help me find local assistants for my 3 kids christmas .... I don't know what to do !!!
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i need money to help pay my bills, I became disable and have dementia , and have not worked anymore this year, because I have memory loss and I am so deppressed,and I applied for social security disability benefits but I have not received it yet. I pray to God I want be denied Social Security disability, but I am so worried because I don't have any income now to pay my bills. I pray to God that you will be able to help me. Thank you
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is this marlynbrown? I was notified that I received a message from "marlynbrown" - but do not see any new message. They were responding to an old post from Feb/March 2011.
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new help for eldely with water bill
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